A Purpose Driven Business

Purpose Driven BusinessA Purpose Driven Business

Today is Mother’s Day and I am so thankful for my mom and the other wonderful women in my life. Sitting with my husband and son and his girlfriend and texting with my daughter who doesn’t live near me got me thinking about my business…a purpose driven business.

Why I do what I do. It isn’t just for the money, although that is nice. And yes, I like a lifestyle business, one I design. But I have to remember the “life” part of lifestyle. My husband and kids and extended family and those I want to help are my big Why. They are my life. They give me a purpose driven business.

Anytime I fall behind or get overwhelmed with the size of my to-do list I think of them. Don’t feel like boxing and shipping items to Amazon…I think of my purpose. Don’t feel like watching the videos to help me tweak my niche sites…I think of them. Do I always follow through? No. But I am getting better.

Treat Your Business Like a Mom Would

Today I received sweet cards, flowers, emails and Facebook posts. I bet you did too even if you are not a mom from people who care about you and see you as a role model. Even dads who take on the parenting role of both mom and dad. Doesn’t that inspire you to be even better? To be a role model in other areas too.

I talk and network with so many wonderful people who have a purpose driven business and strive every day online to be the best they can be. Obstacles appear, failures occur that are really just learning experiences, delays happen and surprises show up. Bills can pile up and stress happens. And they keep striving forward no matter what. Just like a mom who never gives up on her kids, even though they have days that leave them wanting to run away from home. Ever felt like quitting? Can you relate? But determined moms don’t quit.

So today, if you celebrate Mother’s Day, remember you are the “mother” of your purpose driven business too. Nurture it, give it your best, and never give up. Believe in it. The rewards are there if you stay the course.

Want a little direction? Having a purpose driven business can transform your life. One book I recommend that will help you is The Transformational Entrepreneur by Connie Ragen Green. Check it out and see if it resonates with you.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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