Unplug from Technology

Unplug from Technology

Unplug from Technology

Unplug from Technology

While doing some research for a book I am writing on productivity and time management I received an email that took me to a post called The Amish Hour. I really hadn’t heard this term before but it fits perfectly with exactly what I do most days a week before I retire for bed and how important it is to unplug from technology.

We all are so wired into technology today that it can be difficult to break free and find that time where we no longer rely on modern means of communication.

We need to free ourselves from this at the end of the day so our mind is uncluttered and our creative juices can flow without constant tech interruptions.

How many of us find ourselves attached to our smart phones, laptops and iPads as if they were an extended appendage? Can we live without the constant sounds of a new text or email or Skype popup that is crying out to be answered?

Believe it or not (I sound like that old TV series) there is plenty of evidence to support that taking a break from technology is healthy for you and increases your productivity. If you don’t unplug from technology it can create stress and have a negative impact on getting a good nights sleep.

What you want to do is unplug a and set yourself up for a great nights sleep where your unconscious mind is concerned with your last creative thoughts, prayers and meditations so you will wake refreshed and ready to roll the next day.

Any unsolved problems from the day I DO NOT WORRY about. I turn them over to my unconscious mind to provide a solution. Usually I will wake up the next day knowing exactly what I need to do, or who to call or other action steps to take.

Do This Before Bed

This is what I suggest and what works for me.

  • An hour before bed I retreat to my bedroom or sometimes my sun room and take along a small legal pad, a pen and markers, a motivational book or something I am learning from and a large glass of water. Hint: Don’t drink any alcohol at this time as that will interfere with a good nights sleep too.
  • I complete my to do list for the next day and transfer any tasks I didn’t complete today to the new list.
  • I dive into whatever I am reading for 30 minutes and make notes on my legal pad and jot down ideas that pop into my head. The book I am currently reading is The One Thing by Gary Keller.
  • After 45 minutes I read my affirmations and turn off the lights. I DO NOT check my smartphone or computer or check in with Facebook or the other social media sites. In fact, my phone and computer are in my office area away from the bedroom.

Now I know your routine to unplug from technology may be very different. Many of us have kids, spouses and pets that can disrupt our routine. We also have times when illness and family issues require us to change our routine.

But if you try to set a schedule for yourself where you leave the tech behind an hour before bed most nights of the week you will find yourself less stressed, more productive and more fun to be around.

Please feel free to share your ideas and tips in the comment section below. I read and answer every one personally. 🙂

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