Memorial Day Reflections

Memorial Day ReflectionsMemorial Day Reflections

Today, I want to get personal. Last weekend was Memorial Day in America, a day where we honor those who have died in battle while serving in the military to protect our freedoms. They made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives so that we can be safe and continue in the pursuit of happiness in life and business. Here are some of my Memorial Day reflections as I contemplate this special day and how it impacts my life.

Anytime I hear our national anthem I cry and my heart is filled with gratitude and love for my country. I am proud to be an American. I come from a long line of men and women who have served or helped the military. The women in my family are members of DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution. This is a group founded in 1890, comprised of female descendents of those who aided people in securing our American independence. Today they are a service organization dedicated to preserving our history and promoting patriotism.

Most recently my grandfather, my father, my 2nd father, my step-dad and my husband and father-in-law and multiple uncles have served faithfully in the Army, Air Force and Navy. I also have cousins serving today. Reflecting on the meaning of Memorial Day humbles me and inspires me to do more in my small way to be a positive impact on others lives.

I am blessed to enjoy the freedom to work at home and want to do even more to help others pursue that dream. So many wonderful people have helped me, encouraged me and shared their wisdom and knowledge and I am so grateful.

How May I Serve

It is so easy to get caught up in pursuing our own dreams, but we should never forget why we are able to do so. I plan to give more, be more present and reach out to others. Even the small things in business such as participating in Facebook groups, sharing my expertise in forums and commenting on others blog posts. Although this can be helpful to me in my business it is important to just be giving and not expect anything in return. We all appreciate when others listen to us and acknowledge our contribution. Sending out short notes of appreciation through “snail mail” is a kindness many love and fewer and fewer people seem to do that today.

I don’t believe any of us can reach our highest potential without the help, encouragement and generosity of others. We need to be willing to sacrifice some of our time and resources to lift someone else up. It can be our time, money, products, kind words or just about any positive gesture you can think of. Someone sent me cookies recently with a kind note to show their appreciation and for my support in their business. What a lovely surprise that was!

All of this fulfills a higher purpose that I think most of us have – to have a successful business that enables us to impact our family, our country and our world in meaningful ways that leaves a legacy of good values and service to others. One of my mentors, Connie Ragen Green, epitomizes this beautifully. You would be hard pressed to find a more giving, caring person to work with.

You can be the needed boost in someone else’s life and business.  Let your Memorial Day reflections crossover and inspire you to help and serve someone today.

Leave your comments below and share how you are impacting the world and feel free to let us know where we can find you on the web.


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  1. Kit, I love your post. My family does not have a history of serving in the military, except for my late husband who served in Viet Nam in the 1960s.
    However, it was when I began visiting Europe regularly that I realized how proud I am to be an American citizen. The people there constantly remind me of how fortunate we are to have the freedoms we enjoy and sometimes take for granted.
    I believe that we are here on earth to serve others in any way we possibly can.
    Connie Ragen Green
    Connie Ragen Green recently posted…Productivity Challenge 2015My Profile

    • My husband served in the Vietnam war while he was in the Navy. Actually, he entered the Navy to learn to be an electrician but they took one look at his size and put him in the boiler room. Needless to say, he is an excellent electrician today anyway. He is a natural at those things. I am excited when I can put together a vacuum cleaner!

      I agree that too many of us take our freedoms for granted and need to be reminded from time to time.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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